Reel Love: Recording Company | Rates and Services

Tracking Room Specs

Studio A Sanctuary 52x36 (not including Sanctuary Soundstage).

Email for current rates. Rates based on a continuous 10 hour session of tracking or mixing.

Engineer included.

Album Production

Need help with production? Need available, talented studio session players and singers?

Production is available in-house by seasoned producers at no additional charge. With years of experience producing all genres of music, and with resident session players available, Reel Love's staff can develop your project the way you've always dreamed of with incredible attention to detail and with the same love you'd give it yourself.

Session players available at Reel Love include in-house guitar, bass, keys and drums, available at no additional charge. Reel Love also works with some of the best musicians in Nashville with professionals on strings, horns, drums and more - all at an economical price.


Full Soundstage for Rehearsals, Showcases, and Private Parties

Email for current rates. Our 28x16 stage includes a full 32ch FOH w/ 8 monitor mixes. PA is 8,000 watts tri-amp. Our space is held within the sanctuary making ideal for all your pre-tour, rehearsal, showcase, live recording, video shoots, or private event needs.

Please email us for sound stage availability and current rates.

CD Printing, Mastering, Replication and Packaging

Reel Love has partnership programs with the top industry recognized replicators in the country. If you need help finding direction after your project is complete at Reel Love we can help you enlist the services of guaranteed turn-time replicators, mastering houses, short-run duplicators and award-winning graphic designers.