Reel Love: About Us

Reel Love Recording Company is a Nashville analog and digital recording studio housing walls of vintage and modern gear among years of experience. Our obsession with finding the perfect tone, the perfect mic, and the perfect mix to match your project is something we take very seriously but also with spirit. We are proud to say when you come to our studio, you're home and your project becomes our blood, sweat and tears just as it is yours. With walls of vintage and modern mics, amps, instruments, and recording gear at your disposal there's no sound out of reach, no dream you can't harness.

Whether you're looking to add the full-band sound to your solo album, experience the thrill and art of recording in analog or want a versatile digital environment, Reel Love Recording Company has the tricks and tools to satisfy musicians in every trade. Simply put, there isn't anything that doesn't matter when it comes to your record. Your project is your baby and we get that. With an immensely versatile ProTools rig and the option to go big with sweet analog you'll be able to take your project to the next level with ease. We take pride in our gear, having one of the most expansive gear lists in Nashville for the price, all at your disposal.

In an age when anyone can take a laptop and a microphone to record, Reel Love handles every project as a true artistic composition from step one. Producer and owner Patrick Himes brings experience from all walks of the industry including time at Music Row standards like Ocean Way and Woodland to also being a touring musician. His understanding of the passion and detail that goes into creating a record makes his intuition a breath of fresh air in an industry over-saturated with cookie-cutter production. Seasoned on over fifty projects, Patrick Himes has worked with artists and bands hailing from all over world including independent and major label. As a talented multi-instrumentalist, Patrick brings Reel Love the ability to add the full-band experience to the solo performer's art with ease and with an understanding that only comes from years of hands-on industry experience.

Reel Love's atmosphere is everything from groovy to inviting and comfortable. Located just west of downtown Nashville, Reel Love is less than a mile away from downtown, great restaurants, venues, clubs, hotels and shopping.